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What is an ADAMA vinyl rug ?

Have you ever been concerned about stains, spills or dirt on your rug? Not anymore!

We’d love to help make your life easier.

ADAMA’s beautifully designed, high-quality PVC / Polyester rugs are an ideal solution for your home.

They are non-slip, stain-resistant, easy to clean, hypoallergenic and pet-friendly. They’re also durable, and can help protect your flooring from scratches as well as common wear and tear.

Our vinyl rugs are flat, with no piles or fibers – which means spills and stains can be easily removed by using wet cloth. They are even “Robot Cleaner” friendly (yes, your robot vacuum cleaner can effortlessly clean their surfaces!). Finally, chairs can easily be moved across these vinyl rugs, making them ideal for dining room chairs, and chairs with wheels.

ADAMA vinyl rugs are a perfect fit for the modern home – they bring beauty and style with exceptional functionally and ease of use.


Easy to clean
Very practical and easy to clean using broom, mop or wet cloths. Avoid cleaning with abrasive products.

No piles or Fibers to trap stains or spills,unlike traditional rugs.

Our rugs meet European standards for anti-slip.

Durable and resistant,ideal to protect floors and parquet from common wear and tear.

High-quality print layer,resistant to fading or wear caused by water.

Ideal for allergy or asthma sufferers.helps to keep your home dust mite and allergen free.

Won’t absord surprises your pets may leave behind such as hair,dirt,food,saliva and more!

Straightening time
Sometimes, a new rug might require an extra time to get flatten on the floor.if needed, please allow up to 24 hours to get it completely flatten.

Shady outdoor
Suitable for use in shaded outdoor areas.Avoid direct exposure to the sun.

Vacuum cleaner compatible
can be easliy cleaned with most common robot vacuum cleaners for maximum convenience.

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