Creating and painting is an imperative I couldn’t live a day without.

Chelsea is a British artist living and working in Barcelona. She has shown her art throughout Europe from London, Barcelona, Stockholm and Copenhagen to art fairs the U.S and in the Far East. Her work uses a combination of materials;  copper, steel, gold leaf, oil, acrylic, sea water and linen.

With her roots in sculpture and Fine Art her fascination with the passage of time and the relationship between objects and their environment is shown in her large scale paintings. Her process takes many weeks as she applies fine washes of oil and lays gold, silver or copper leaf in between each layer. She then gently rubs the oil back to reveal textures and colours hidden within. It is a unique process Chelsea has developed over many years.

The vibrancy of Chelsea’s palette and the richness of her texturing that underpins the unique allure of her work. She captures fleeting moments in nature such as the sun as it glistens on the sea or as it shines through the leaves in the canopy of the tress. The changing seasons and the colours they bring such as deep reds, oranges, rust inspire her as does the beauty of a winter sunrise or summer sunset.