Talent is a hidden gift of God revealed without our knowing

The story of the artist Itay Magen’s path and success is exceptional and unusual. Itay, born in 1974, a married father of three children and resident of Israel, holds many titles, but above all he is a painter and artist whose impressive works adorn homes in Israel and overseas.

Until the age of 40, Itay had never picked up a brush or palette, or as he tell it, “I had not even painted a flower…” In 2014, he registered for a course in painting and drawing with oils. With the enthusiastic responses to his first works, presented on his personal Facebook page, followed by tens of requests to purchase his paintings, he understood that he had found his purpose in life – painting.

Since then, by virtue of his exceptional talent, deep emotional connection and total dedication, the demand for Itay Magen’s exciting oil paintings has increased. The original works in a format unique to the artist provide high artistic value for every office or home, and are sold at reasonable prices based on his belief that good art must be affordable.

The Paintings. Itay Magen’s giant paintings are gifted with the power to move their viewers. The paintings live and breathe and their presence is captivating. The realistic formats, and the paintings of animals, are characterized by bold colors, expressive brushstrokes, rhythmic splashes and swaths of color that seem to dance upon the giant canvases.

The portraits of women chosen by the artist are filled with emotions, sexuality and vitality, to the point where it becomes difficult to pull away from the image before you, a woman with a story behind her.
Itay Magen’s dramatic, original paintings are one of a kind and unforgettable by virtue of their striking presence in any space, their mesmerizing boldness and color, their exciting, beautiful and sexy forms, and their free flowing spirit.