• FAQs

Delivery time: How long it takes to receive my order?

It depends. We produce everything on demand so, actual delivery time depends on our production status, but, typically, it will be shipped within 4-5 business days and no more than 10 (+ shipping time). Need your order urgently? please contact us directly and we’ll do our best to speed up the process.

Shipping cost: What is the estimated shipping cost ?

Shipping cost widely depends on location, size, weight and delivery speed. Shipping within Spain is free of charge. For Western Europe, we would estimate shipping cost as 10-20% of the order’s total price. For any other regions, please contact us to receive more accurate pricing information or when you checkout the shopping cart.

Returns and refunds: What if I want to return my product?

Not a problem! we want our customers to have 100% satisfaction. Please inform us by email and indicate: product type, day of purchase and the reason for returning it. You have 30 days from the date of receiving the product to ship it back to us. Once we receive the product back you will get a full refund for the product price, excluding shipping.

*Please note, we do not accept returns or refunds on any customized order.

Shipping address:

Adama Alma S.L.

Avda. Roma 35, entlo 2a, 08029 Barcelona


Cleaning – tableware: Can I clean the tableware products?

Certainly! We recommend cleaning it using a wet cloth or standard dish soap. Please avoid using strong detergents, and note that the product is not machine washable.

Cleaning – rugs: Can I clean the vinyl rugs?

Yep! We recommend cleaning it using a wet cloth or standard dish soap. Please avoid using strong detergents, and note that the product is not machine washable.

Colors: How can I tell what color to expect?

The world of colors is very complex. Colors depend on your screen calibrating, different light sources and more. Choosing color from your screen will give you a good proximity of the final received color, but, will not be a 100 % match.

Custom: Any limitation?

Yes. While imagination might be wild, a custom product might have some limitations. Custom job is limited to up to 2m wide and 25m in length. If you send to us your own photo or logo, file quality and resolution needs to be sufficient to ensure high quality. Delivery time might be longer than usual to allow our design team to redesign the job.

Quality & Standards

Our products are made in Spain using high quality materials. Our flooring solutions and rugs meet some European standards such as Flame Retardant and Anti-Skid. They are very resistant for scratch and normal wear and tear use.

Special Care: Can your rugs be used outdoors?

Our rugs are generally intended for indoor use, but can be placed in shady spaces outdoors.  Please avoid putting them in direct sunlight as this may cause the colors to fade.

Special Care: Would your rugs work well in a bathroom?

Because our rugs can get slippery when wet, we do not recommend placement near a shower or similar environments where moisture is present.

Special Care: How should I store your products?

When storing our products, it’s best to leave them flat or rolled.  Folding them can cause creases or other deformities.

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